"Austrian soloist Julia Hummer's "one-woman-psychedelia" marks a beautiful midpoint between the wavering vocals and tender, spacious instrumentation of Mazzy Star, and the anthemic drive of Ride. Delicate guitar arpeggios meet earthy percussion in slow, colourful conversation."

Juleah is the musical project of Austrian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julia Hummer.Having adopted the name in 2011 when she began posting covers online, Juleah has quickly progressed into something much more than a solo cover project. Following the self-release of Juleah’s self-titled EP on SoundCloud in 2012, she released her debut album, Shimmering Road, in 2013. Juleah’s second EP Entangled And Entwined followed shortly after in 2013, before sophomore album Melt Inside The Sun was released in 2015. Proving Juleah‘s exciting trajectory, both Melt Inside The Sun and Entangled And Entwined were picked up and released on vinyl by Austrian record label Konkord in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

In 2016, Juleah evolved yet again, this time delighting fans by becoming a captivating and truly arresting live band. Since then, Juleah has been playing a string of shows through Austria.

Blending the bluesy rock & roll of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with the shoegaze decadence of Ride and Slowdive, Juleah has found its trademark sound in sweet but sultry vocals and the depths of reverb-soaked guitars. While remaining steeped in omnipresent psych leanings, Juleah has delicately perfected the art of genre reinvention, taking heed of everything from the snarl of southern guitar riffs to the shimmer of surf rock.

Having cultivated a continuously-growing worldwide fanbase, Juleah has garnered attention from across the English- and German-speaking music world with impressive reviews being published in the NME, The Revue, Fourculture, Musikexpress, Britpop News, Indie and many more. Currently focusing on their live lineup featuring Henry Galehr on guitar, Alexander Walser on drums and Sandro Marton on bass, as of 2018 Juleah are working on their third full-length album, due for release in 2019.


"Un bellissimo incrocio con la voce fluttuante, tenera e la spaziosa sonorità dei Mazzy Star e l'energia da inno dei Ride. Arpeggi di chitarra delicati incontrano percussioni terrene in una conversazione piena di colori."

Juleah è il progetto musicale della polistrumentista Austriaca Julia Hummer. Ha adottato questo nome nel 2011 quando iniziò a postare cover online, da quel momento Juleah si trasformò progressivamente in qualcosa di più amplio.

Dopo un primo EP autoprodotto nel 2012, ha pubblicato il primo album Shimmering Road nel 2013. Il secondo EP Entangled And Entwined e l’album Melt Inside The Sun del 2015 sono usciti per Konkord Records. Nel 2016 inizia l’attività live formando una full-band.

Ispirata dal rock’n’roll dei Brian Jonestown Massacre e Black Rebel Motorcycle Club e dalle decadenze shoegaze dei Ride e Slowdive, Juleah ha trovato il suo suono caratteristico che unisce la sua voce dolce a chitarre immerse nel riverbero.

Ha attirato la stampa inglese e tedesca, con recensioni su NME, The Revue, Fourculture, Musikexpress, Britpop News, Indie Music e molti altri. Sta attualmente lavorando al suo terzo disco con uscita prevista nel 2018, assieme alla sua band che comprende Henry Galehr alla chitarra, Alexander Walser alla batteria e Sandro Marton al basso.

Melt Inside The Sun
Konkord, 2015

Entangled And Entwined
Konkord, 2013

Shimmering Road


Availability: 15-24 February 2019

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