Lagoonar Screen Printing Lab is a newborn space that offers hand-pulled prints on t-shirts, tote bags and posters.
We use a manual machine built from recycled wood, appositely designed and created by a local woodworker.

We can either print an existing design or take care of the artwork, creating an original graphic following the artist's guidelines. 
Run by Laura Gamba and Fernando Nuti.


"Screen printing is one of the most ancient printing techniques ever known. Despite its millennial age, many contemporary artists and craftsmen still choose it to replicate images, obtaining unique and authentic visual outputs against the anonymity of polished digital copies. This is what I love about screen printing: each squeegee pull, each layer of ink and each screen lift acts together to create special prints, all different and all high quality. It is always exciting to see mine or other artists' design taking concrete form on the surface and coming into life with their distinctive tactile finish. It's real fun to get messy, too."

Laura Gamba makes art under the name of Lucy Færy. She studied graphic design at the Academy of Venice and art history in St. Andrews (Scotland) and in Padua, where she graduated in 2017 with a thesis on the visionary art of William Blake. At 18 years old she got her first art job, drawing jewellery collections for Caterina Zangrando Atelier. She has spent 2 years in England, following the signwriter Peter Hardwicke trough the streets of London, working as his apprentice. In 2013 Laura attended a fashion styling course at Central Saint Martins, held by Aimee McWilliams, styling afterwards a series of photoshoots by International Decoy. She later took care of the stage costumes for the Goldonian play “Le Donne Gelose” by Tremilioni, and collaborated with the company Fatebenesorelle Teatro on the promotion of its spectacle “Macbeth? Study for Wo.Men”. Laura's involvement in coltural institutions include intern experiences at the New York City Ballet and at the International School of Illustration Stepan Zavrel (Sarmede). Her illustrations has been exhibited in her hometown, Santa Lucia, in the Venetian mainland and in Padua. She has collaborated with bands and musicians, illustrating a book of lyrics and designing record artworks and tour posters. She is currentely working for Los Angeles' Highland Park Bowl creating posters for their music shows.


  • Maximum format: 25 x 33 cm.
  • One-color prints on fabric.
  • Multi-color prints on paper.
  • Level of detail: 0,5 mm.
  • Water-based inks (reinforced with wash-resistant additive for textile prints).



Design and print by Laura Gamba & Fernando Nuti.


Design by Laura Gamba & Fernando Nuti.


Design by Fernando Nuti.


Design by Supertempo & Fernando Nuti.


Design by Father Murphy & Fernando Nuti.


Design by Father Murphy & Fernando Nuti.

for any enquiries please contact
or +39 340 79 87 230